Ask – a poem for the heart

Ask the universe,
ask your soul,
ask God,
ask your higher being,
ask your heart,
ask anything and everything you believe.
Put it out there. Make the vibration of your
known to the smallest grain of sand; to the bird as she flies; to the seedling sprouting its first earthbound roots;
to your every ounce of being.
Send your intentions, overgrown with love,
out, and
up, and
with wings to fly and scales to slither and fins to swim.
Give life to your desires, first, within your own being.
Hold sacred space for them here to manifest as truths.
Talk to them not as you would a child,
but, rather, as an equal.
For they are not infant wishes,
but things that have already grown to maturity
and come to pass in some
hitherto undiscovered.
For how can these gifts become yours to reap unless you are
Unabashedly, unforgivingly, unwaveringly honest –
with the inner workings of your heart.
All it takes is but to ask, with hope,
for the shifts to start presenting themselves.
Small at first.
Infinitesimal movements like the flower seeking
toward the sun.
And then: more noticeable.
A question yielding a tentative plan.
Birthing hope more powerful and yet,
ever the more tentative than before. Because it’s hard to hope
too much.
And then?
The shifts continue to grow. Evolve. Change.
And give way to things we could’ve never imagined.
Stories beyond our wildest reckonings because
our imagination is ever modest compared with
the majesty that surrounds us.
So ask –
without agenda, or attachment.
Ask simply to make your own pulse known.
Ask to claim this space as your own.

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