What are natural flavors?

what are natural flavors

It’s Halloween and so I wanted to take this time to address something that a lot of people find seriously spooky.

Natural Flavors. 


what are natural flavors

I know, I know – they seem scarier than your average pre-teen dressed in a bad Frankenstein costume (what do kids dress as these days, anyway?) but they don’t have to be. Trust me.

Natural flavors on the label of a product often cause red flags to go up and rightfully so. There’s some weird, and downright scary, stuff floating around out there: solvents, emulsifiers, preservatives – you name it. Just one natural flavor can contain between 50 to 100 ingredients and yet it’s still described as “natural blueberry flavor” to you, the consumer. 

That doesn’t jive with us. We know our customers are an intelligent bunch and we’re not here to dupe you: you deserve the truth. So let’s dig in.

What exactly is a natural flavor?

That a flavor is classified as “natural” vs. “artificial” is a qualification of source alone. Natural blueberry flavor is extracted (in a lab) from a real, live blueberry that was plucked, unsuspectingly, from a real, live blueberry bush. RIP blueb. Artificial blueberry flavor began and ended its life in a laboratory. It’s made to taste like blueberry through whatever amalgamation of man-made aroma and flavor chemicals that befit a blueberry.

Natural = Iron Man. Artificial = The Terminator.

what are natural flavors

Natural Flavors and Ora Organic

Our products contain natural flavors. No, don’t run! Because unlike many (most) other flavors out there on the market our flavors are organic compliant meaning that they don’t contain solvents or preservatives. They also don’t contain 50 to 100 ingredients.

To reiterate: no solvents or preservatives. Just the flavor and aroma chemicals found, biologically, in plants. The “natural flavors” in our products are the molecules that make a tomato taste tomato-y and a peach taste peach-y (keen). You already consume them on a daily basis when eating fruits and vegetables.

So why do we use natural flavors anyway?

Because we care about your tongue. If you’ve ever been in contact with our Customer Happiness department you might have heard that we craft our supplements with the intention of being beneficial to your health as well as your taste buds. So, it’s of the utmost importance to us that you enjoy using them.

How do we do that? We collect the different aroma and taste components that comprise the flavor of say, an orange, and mix them to provide you with the best possible mouth experience. Ora is co-founded by a chef. Taste matters and we want to give you the best.

It’s basically just flavor art. The way Bob Ross mixed colors on his palette to create the perfect hue, so too we mix flavor molecules to give you that perfect flavor. How not scary is that?

what are natural flavors

Too Long; Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Natural flavors are: flavors that are made with an extract from an actual fruit/vegetable/thing that grows in nature.
Artificial flavors are: flavors that are made in a test tube by humans.
Organic compliant natural flavors are: natural flavors that don’t contain synthetic solvents or preservatives.
Ora’s flavors are: organic compliant and made with only the compounds naturally occurring in fruits/veggies that you already eat every day.
We use natural flavors because: we’re taste artists. We collect the different aroma and taste components found in plants and mix them to provide you with the best possible mouth experience.

Originally published at: www.ora.organic

Interested in having me write wellness articles or original copy for your brandLet’s work together

Interested in having me write wellness articles or original copy for your brandLet’s work together

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